Council urges Bedford landlords to offer empty properties to those fleeing Afghanistan

Terraced houses

To support and resettle those who have fled Afghanistan, Bedford Borough Council is asking landlords to get in touch if they have any empty properties available to let in the coming weeks.

Along with local authorities around the country, Bedford Borough Council is part of the Government’s Afghanistan Citizens’ Resettlement Scheme.

As Bedford Borough Council no longer holds any housing stock, it is putting a call out to landlords across the Borough to fill the demand for local houses – particularly those with three bedrooms or more – to accommodate families that have had to flee.

These properties will need to be in good condition, ready for people to move in within the next few weeks, and landlords can expect to receive market rent.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “I am proud that we were among the first local authorities in the country to respond to the Government’s original request in early June, to help with the relocation of Afghan nationals who had been employed by British forces in Afghanistan.

“Already eight Afghan nationals who have helped our country and would have been in danger if they stayed in Afghanistan as forces withdraw have been resettled in Bedford Borough and we expect more in the coming weeks.

“I know our Borough will open its arms to these people who have had to flee their country and their homes. We have already had so many offers of spare rooms in people’s houses and other support. With whole families expected to arrive there is an urgent need for whole properties.

“So if you have a property to let that is sitting empty, please get in touch via”

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