Council pledge to replace damaged High Street tree

Coffee With Art Bedford High Street Tree hole
The temporary pavement covering until the tree can be replaced.

The council has confirmed it will replace a tree on Bedford High Street, despite filling in and covering up the hole.

Michal Polak, owner of Coffee with Art, told the Bedford Independent that the tree – that was damaged by a car – has been removed by the council and the remaining hole has been completely filled in.

It is the second tree to have been planted on the site. Michal had already requested a replacement tree a year after the first one, which was planted following the High Street improvements, died.

“After my complaint that the first tree died, the council did replace it,” said Michal.

“But unfortunately, someone broke the tree again.”

Michal said the council have “buried the hole to sort the problem”.

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However, Bedford Borough Council has confirmed that the tree will be replaced and the covering of the hole is just temporary.

“The tree had been hit by a vehicle which led to damage to the tree pit and the footpath sinking, making this a ‘CAT 1 Hazard’,” said a Bedford Borough Council spokesperson.

“To make the footpath safe it has been capped and work is now scheduled for later in the year to repair the tree pit and then plant a replacement tree.”

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