Council introduces options to pay monthly to park in Bedford’s Queen Street car park

It's free to park in Queen Street car park for two hours every day

Bedford Borough Council has introduced monthly payments for car park season tickets at Queen Street and a number of other town centre car parks.

Residents, businesses and local employers can now pay for an annual season ticket monthly rather than having to find the money upfront.

Located just minutes from the town centre and ten minutes to the River, Queen Street car park offers two hours’ free parking every day and has been awarded the Park Mark Award and a Disabled Parking Award.

The cost to park in the town centre at Queen Street car park is less than £650 for the whole year, or less than £12.50 a week.

Parking is a hot topic in Bedford. Back in November 2018, the Bedford Independent researched parking charges in nearby towns, and the number of free parking spaces available.

We compared the cost of parking for two hours during the week and at the weekends. We looked at car parks within 15 minutes walk of the centre of each town.


  • Bedford: Free to £2.20 (number of free spaces = 640)
  • Luton: £1.50 to £3.80
  • Milton Keynes: Free to £4.00 (number of free spaces = 120)
  • Northampton: Free to £3.50 (number of free spaces = 2,347)


  • Bedford: Free to £2.00 (number of free spaces = 2,603)
  • Luton: £1.50 to £4.00
  • Milton Keynes: Free to £4.00 (number of free spaces = 120)
  • Northampton: £1.20 to £3.50

(figures for November 2018)

This does show that Bedford parking charges are the same or cheaper than towns nearby. The figures also don’t take into account the cost of petrol to get to towns outside of Bedford.

Cllr Charles Royden, Portfolio Holder for Highways and Transport said, “Queen Street car park really does offer a great option for people working or studying in the town centre.

“This car park is a short walk to town and we have continued to freeze all of our parking charges again this year, keeping the prices down for residents and visitors.”

You can apply for a season ticket and find out about parking options in Bedford at

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