Congratulazioni Italy: “It’s coming to Bedford”


Bedford’s acapella group, The Goldentones, put their unique spin on two of the world’s most recognisable football anthems, ahead of yesterday’s Euro 2020 final between Italy and England.

Harry Bagnall (tenor), Eve McGrath (soprano), Lottie Greenhow (soprano), Sally McGrath (alto) and Henry Vann (bass) created the acapella ‘mash-up’ to celebrate Bedford’s cultural diversity.

“Bedford’s population is 20% Italian and with this in mind, we decided to put our own spin on the classic football song,” said The Goal-dentones soprano, Lottie Bagnell.

“Our tenor Harry represents Italy in the way that only a tenor can.”

As we think you’ll agree, while England dominates in the first half, Italy definitely make themselves heard toward the end.

Congratulazioni to everyone celebrating in the streets of Bedford last night and to those of us commiserating, onwards and upwards to the ‘rematch’ in Qatar next summer.

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