Common sense prevails as four-day Bedford Park Concerts gets go ahead

Olly Murs will be performing at Bedford Park Concerts 2021
Olly Murs will be performing at Bedford Park Concerts 2021

Bedford Borough Council’s sub-licensing committee has allowed common sense to prevail after they have given the go-ahead for Bedford Park Concerts 2021, despite objections from the Environmental Health Office.

The sub-licensing committee met on Wednesday (7 October) to listen to then objections from the EHO, over noise.

They were the only department to object to the organisers request to extend their three day concert to four.

Neither Bedfordshire Police or Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service have objected, and there have been no objections from the public or other businesses near to Bedford Park.

There was widespread public outcry at the suggestion the concerts could be cancelled over the EHO objections and the Bedford Indepdendent also appealed to the committee to do the right thing:

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Cllr Sarah Gallagher (Liberal Democrats) said: “Bedford Park Concerts bring excitement to thousands and have a ‘track record’ as a safe and successful event.”

Judge Jules. Credit: Peter Hayes
Judge Jules appeared at Bedford Park Concerts in 2019 as part of the Cafe Mambo event. Credit: Peter Hayes

In making their announcement, Cllr Gallagher spoken of the “importance of events and culture”.

She also highlighted how people are looking ahead to get together and “enjoy live entertainment”.

The ‘track record’ of Bedford Park Concerts as a safe and successful event was also highlighted.

“The Bedford Park Concerts bring enjoyment and excitement to thousands, and having carefully considered the application and all contributions we are pleased to approve the return of this major event in 2021,” said Cllr Gallagher.

The decision does come with appropriate conditions which the committe say “both protect local residents from potential adverse impacts and enable the organisers to once again put on a successful series of concerts.”

“It’s important we are supportive of events and culture locally, where there is evidence that they will be safe and successful,” added Cllr Gallagher.

Bedford Park Concerts Tom Walker - Credit Bedford Park Concerts Facebook
Tom Walker performed in Bedford Park in 2019. Credit: Bedford Park Concerts/Facebook

Acts already confirmed for this year’s Bedford Park Concerts Series, include Olly Murs on 29 July, Café Mambo in the Park on 30 July and The Bedford Park Proms on 1st August.

The act for Saturday 31 July is still to be announced.

We have contacted LPH Concerts and Events but they have not responded to our request comment.

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