Charity offers grants to help Bedford students going to university in September

University students graduation generic

A Bedfordshire charity has said it’s offering grants of up to £1,000 to support students in their first year of university.

The Connolly Foundation is now meeting with schools to see which students may be eligible for the grants.

While direct grants are available to students attaining higher A-level grades, schools are also being encouraged to let them know of students who may not achieve the necessary grades.

Up to six six discretionary grants, per school, are available for students where personal circumstances may have impacted their grades or where they have contributed to aspects of school life in other ways.

Students may also be entitled to a further £500 a year for as long as they continue their undergraduate studies.

“We are very pleased to help these students and are looking to expand the scheme to other schools in the county,” said David Oldham, Chief Executive of the Connolly Foundation.

“We are holding meetings with heads of the sixth forms to encourage schools to make maximum use of the scheme.”

Speaking about the impact the grants may have on students, David Bailey, Headteacher of Biddenham International School in Bedford added, “we are extremely grateful to the Connolly Foundation for the generous awards that they have given to our students over the past 10 years.

“It has made a very big difference to them and helped them through each year they are at university.”

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