Charity Commission launches inquiry into the Captain Tom Foundation

Cpt Tom Cranfield Uni
Captain Tom Moore, with his daughter Hannah, accepting his Honorary Doctorate from Canfield University

The Charity Commission has announced an inquiry into The Captain Tom Foundation after concerns were raised that a private firm run by the fundraiser’s daughter “may have generated significant profit” from trademarking his name.

The watchdog has opened a statutory inquiry into the organisation after identifying concerns about the charity’s management, including about the charity’s independence from the family of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore and businesses connected to them.

The charity was set up in June 2020 by Hannah Ingram-Moore, Captain Tom’s daughter, following the veteran’s extraordinary fundraising efforts during the pandemic when he walked laps of his garden in Marston Moretaine ahead of his 100th birthday.

The Captain Tom Foundation is registered as a grant-making charity, for the advancement of public health and wellbeing, with a commitment to battling ageism.

The Commission opened a case into the charity in March 2021, based on requests to employ Hannah Ingram-Moore on a six-figure salary. The regulator refused permission saying it was neither ‘reasonable nor justifiable.’

The charity has now recruited a new CEO from outside the family.

The watchdog has now escalated its engagement due to newly identified concerns about arrangements between the charity and a company linked to the Ingram-Moore family, as well as ongoing concerns about the trustees’ decision-making and the charity’s governance.

Trademark of Captian Tom’s name

The Commission is concerned that Club Nook Limited, a private company controlled by Hannah Ingram-Moore and her husband, Colin Ingram-Moore, took the opportunity to trade mark variations of the name ‘Captain Tom’ without objection from the charity. This may have generated significant profit for the company.

The inquiry, which opened on 16 June, will look into whether mismanagement and/or misconduct in the administration of the charity caused any financial loss or private benefit to previous trustees, including Ms Ingram-Moore.

How the charity managed conflicts of interest, including with private companies connected to the Ingram-Moore family and whether they operated fully under charity law.

The Commission said it may extend the scope of the inquiry if additional issues emerge.

Concerns have mounted

Helen Stephenson, CEO of the Charity Commission, said: “The late Captain Sir Tom Moore inspired the nation with his courage, tenacity and concern for others. It is vital that public trust in charity is protected, and that people continue to feel confident in supporting good causes.

“We do not take any decision to open an inquiry lightly, but in this case, our concerns have mounted.

“We consider it in the public interest to examine them through a formal investigation, which gives us access to the full range of our protective and enforcement powers.”

In a statement yesterday (Wednesday), the Ingram-Moores said they “welcomed the press release issued today by the Charity Commission, which has found no issues in the accounts of the Captain Tom Foundation, published in February 2022”.

The £38million raised by the late Captain Sir Tom Moore, and donated to a separate charity, NHS Charities Together, prior to the formation of The Captain Tom Foundation is not part of the scope of this inquiry.

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