Chance to ‘rename the streets of Bedford’ with new art project

Desire Paths Rename Bedford's streets

A new art project in Bedford, starting today, is asking local people what they would rename streets across the Borough if they had the chance.

The pop-up art installation runs this weekend until Sunday (5 September) in Harpur Square and is led by Third Angel, a theatre company creating artwork in public spaces.

Working in partnership with Bedford Players Trust and The Place Bedford, they will explore how our surroundings may have a direct and intangible effect on the way we live, work and play together.

A team of seven performers and a volunteer team will speak to people passing by to help shape a map of Bedford that will be drawn in chalk on the ground.

It’s hoped people taking part will create inspiring, aspirational and thought-provoking street names that reflect modern Bedford and our multicultural community.

“We encourage all members of the Bedford community to come along and help us to rename every road, street, avenue, and cul-de-sac in Bedford,” said project lead, Alex Levene from Bedford Players Trust.

“We’re all proud of the town and its long, storied history, but deep down we secretly wish we could rename everywhere to be an optimistic vision for the future.

“This is our chance to do just that, and we really hope everyone will feel inspired to help us achieve that.”

Elaine Midgley, Bedford Creative Arts’ director, added: “We are really pleased to help this event come together. It will really make people think about the area they live in and how much meaning is in a name.

“Projects like this really help us to hear the voices of the local community and reflect on what’s important to them. We can’t wait to see what people have to say.”

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