Chairman of the English Democrats campaigning in Mid Bedfordshire for English interests and traditional values

Antonio Vitiello. Image: The English Democrats
Antonio Vitiello. Image: The English Democrats

Antonio Vitiello is campaigning in Mid Bedfordshire for English interests and traditional values, the chairman of the English Democrats has said. Party chair, Robin Tilbrook, said his party is needed as nobody else is campaigning for English interests.

“The net effect is that basically England is used as a cash cow for the rest of the Union,” he said. “People haven’t been standing up for English interests.”

Tilbrook added that the British political establishment claims that England is “too big” to have its own parliament.

“Which would be news to the French, I think, that the idea that a country of our size is too big to have its own parliament,” he said.

“But what it leads to is that they are basically trying to break England up into what are fundamentally bogus regions that have no history or cultural integrity,” he claimed.

“So we’ve got to a point where really the British establishment have made it so that you’re making a choice – is it England that’s broken up or is it the UK.”

“Antonio will campaign for English interests, he is also a traditional Catholic and therefore a supporter of traditional values,” Tilbrook said.

In a statement emailed to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, Vitiello claimed: “Having studied law at the University of Westminster, I witnessed first hand the unlawful and disgraceful behaviour of the Police during Covid-19.

“My response to this attempted [coercion] of our civil liberties and human rights, was to offer myself as a candidate in the 2021 Police & Crime Commissioner election. If elected as your MP, it will be my job to represent you in both local and national issues.

“I have lived in Bedfordshire for the last ten years and was privileged to have been baptised in our constituency by the late Canon Denis McSweeney of Flitwick (in Latin).

“It goes without saying that as a traditional Catholic I believe and profess all the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church, as per the true magisterium, such that I reject not only “net zero” on climate change (which is part of an ongoing natural cycle) and all the profane novelties which have plagued modern society (both inside and outside the Catholic Church) since the 1960s,” he said.

The Mid Bedfordshire by-election will be held on October 19, and 13 candidates are standing to replace the former MP, Nadine Dorries.

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by John Guinn
Local Democracy Reporter

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