Celebrations across Bedford for GCSE results day


GCSE results for the 2017/18 academic year have shown that 63.7% of Bedford Borough students reached the required standard in English and Maths at Grade 4 and above (standard pass) and 41.1% reached the required standard in English and Maths at Grade 5 and above (strong pass), an increase of around 3% on last year.

While great for the area as a whole, individual schools are also celebrating their own increases in the number of students receiving a pass or better.

Bedford Free School reported a 6% increase in passes or better with 66% achieving a grade 4 or better in both English & Maths GCSEs. Meanwhile 42% achieved a grade 5 or better.
Stuart Lock, Executive Principal said: “We are delighted with these results, both in terms of how individuals have done, and how the school has performed overall. In a time of exam change, with tougher GCSEs coming in, to see standards rise so significantly across almost every subject is quite an achievement for everyone. This is an important milestone on our journey to becoming one of the best schools in the country. This is evidence that our unique offer at BFS – our smaller size, longer day, very firm standards of discipline, and collaborative culture – make such a huge difference.”

Elsewhere, students at Mark Rutherford School were told that over both English and Maths GCSEs are now over the 70% mark (Grades 9-4) and Maths has had an increase of over 10% (Grades 9-4) and 11% (Grades 9-5).

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Pic shows Bedford Free School student receiving her results.

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