Cash Mob to give Goldings the send off it deserves

Goldings of Bedford

*please note date change*

A cash mob has been organised to help give Goldings, one of Bedford’s oldest shops, a grand send off, after it was announced they will be closing after 152 years on the town’s High Street.

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Organiser Jamie Bridge has pulled together the ‘cash mob’ after hearing that Goldings was going to close.

“I thought it would be nice to do something to give a big send off,” said Jamie.

“There was a positive response on the We Are Bedford facebook group, so I have set up a ‘cash mob’ for 11am on Saturday 13 July.”

Cash mobs are inspired by flash mobs, but rather than dancing or performing to music, a ‘cash mob’ sees a gathered group visit a local shop en-mass to make small purchases.

Jamie adds: “The cash mob is just a nice way to say thank you to Goldings for 152 years of service, and to give it a nice farewell.

“The idea is simple – meet up at the sculpture on Silver Street, bring a fiver in cash, and then we can all visit the store together, fill it up, and show them how much the store means to the town.”

Cash mobs have been carried out in Bedford a few times before to support local businesses but this time it will be to say a fond farewell to one of our town’s landmark shops.

For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

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