Care home staff pause for National Day of Reflection and celebrate second vaccine day

Arden House residents on National Day of Reflection

Staff at a Bedford care home have today taken part in the National Day of Reflection, observing a minute’s silence to remember the 15 residents who are among the 126,000 others who lost their lives during the pandemic.

The day marks a year since the start of the first lockdown and has been organised nationally by the Marie Curie charity. In Bedford, the bells of St Paul’s rang out today from 11.45am until noon when they fell silent.

Tanya Waite, manager of Arden House residential care home, told the Bedford Independent: “Here at Arden House we reflected on the past year and placed our hands on our hearts for those who have passed away during the crisis.

“All 15 residents will be remembered and our thoughts go out to the families. The pandemic has not only taken so many lives within care homes but also changed how we undertake our end of life support.”

It is estimated that around 6 million people have been bereaved since the pandemic began.

As well as reflecting on the last 12 months, Arden House residents were today gratefully receiving their second Covid vaccine.

Resident, Ruth, said that she prayed for everyone and hoped she will get to see her grandchildren soon. “It’s a major thing and hopefully we can get back to normal care home life soon,” she said.

Tanya said, “The last 12 months have been hard, difficult, exhausting, heartbreaking and devastating, but it has also been a time to reflect on the Care Home.

“We need to reflect on the pandemic’s deep toll, mourn those we have lost, and mark the service and sacrifice of staff working in health and social care.

“We’ve had to re-evaluate our working practices, to upskill in areas we would not have usually done like verification of death and administration of Insulin and to watch the staff embrace a forced change has been amazing.

“So today at Arden House there is no better way to spend reflection day than having the second Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.”

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