Canine crackdown on crime at HMP Bedford

Bono HMP Bedford sniffer dog
Bono has helped sniff out contraband at HMP Bedford

Bono, a specialist sniffer dog, will soon be joined by a new canine colleague in the effort to crackdown on crime behind bars at HMP Bedford.

The pair are among 176 new drug-dogs trained to stop illegal items entering the most  challenging prisons, of which Bedford gaol is one.

Drug-detecting dogs are being deployed to Bedford as part of the Government’s latest plan to crack down on violence and crime behind bars.

Bono has already made a big difference in the effort to keep contraband out of the prison, finding a number of smart phones, sim cards, tobacco and cannabis in less than a month.

Once Bono’s new companion has completed its training, it will add to the 630 who have sniffed out over 2,000 illegal items prisons in England and Wales in the last 12 months.

HMP Bedford is among fifty prisons who are set to receive their new additions by March 2021.

Each dog will be paired with their own dedicated handler, specially trained in detecting contraband items and further boosting the frontline.

Prisons and Probation Minister, Lucy Frazer QC MP said, “The smuggling of contraband into prisons puts hardworking staff at risk and undermines attempts to rehabilitate offenders.

“These dogs and their handlers will make Bedford safer, more secure and ultimately a better environment for rehabilitation.”

HMP Bedford Governor, Patrick Butler, said, “The use of dogs to detect illicit items has proven to be very effective at Bedford.

“Without doubt, the enhanced security will better enable my staff to detect, prevent and prosecute those who attempt to illegally bring drugs into our prison.”

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