Can you help solve the mystery of the 40-year-old photos?

Emmaus photos
Barbara and John on holiday near Benidorm in Spain

Photographs taken on a vintage camera, bought at a charity shop, have sparked a hunt to find the original owner.

Photographer, David Clarke and his daughter, Taya, took a trip to Emmaus Village in Carlton last summer.

“Being a photographer and collecting old cameras I like to look there to see what they have every now and then,” said David.

“Taya got to the cameras first and found an old 60/70s Kodak Instamatic which she really liked.

“I was a bit gutted because I didn’t have that particular one, but to be fair, she got there first.”

Once David and Taya got the camera home, they realised it still had a film in it and seven photos had already been taken.

“I said to Taya that if she used the other pictures up I would find someone to process the film for her and we’d see what the other shots were too.

“As is always the way, Taya took some pictures of her and her friends, gave me the film and it sat in my office for months. Finally, last week I got around to sending it to a company for processing and the film came back with these images on.”

Despite the film being around 40 years old, four of the seven original shots were very clear.

“I decided that we needed to find the people in these images as they’ve never seen the photos,” said David.

Having shared the photos on social media, David said that they think they’ve found two of the people pictured and are trying to make contact with them.

Do you recognise the people or locations? If so, David would love to hear from you.

You can email him at and let’s reunite the photos with their rightful owner.

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