Can you help SMART Prebend Centre reach their fundraising target?


Bedford’s SMART Prebend Centre for the homeless ands socially isolated are just £1,000 away from reaching their £50,000 fundraising target, and with the help of Bedford Independent readers, they’re certain they can do it.

If just 200 people donated £5, the target would be reached. You can make a donation here.

Through generous giving from Bedford locals and businesses the Christmas Relief In Bedford (CRIB) appeal has already achieved a record-breaking £49,000.

Jen Robus, Manager of the SMART Prebend Centre said, “I have been blown away by the support we have received this year! CRIB runs until the end of February; there’s still just over a week left to raise the remaining £1,000 so we can hit our £50,000 target. This is our biggest annual appeal and every penny is crucial to see us through the winter months.”

The centre offers support, compassion and guidance to approximately 200 homeless people every month, most of whom use the service every day to access hot meals, showers and medical advice. On average the SMART team provide 75 one-to-one interventions each month to help homeless visitors tackle their current problems. These individualized sessions include support to access housing, drug and alcohol advice, mental health assessments, sexual health guidance and signposting to local specialist partners who can help in many other ways.

The Prebend Day Centre

Anita McCallum, SMART’s CEO said “I’d like to appeal to the people of Bedford to consider giving a small donation to the CRIB appeal before the end of the month. As little as £5 will help to provide a hot lunch for 10 homeless people. If we receive 200 donations of £5 we will reach our target so that we can continue supporting those who need it most. I’d like to offer my personal thanks to everyone who helps to keep the centre going.”

To find out about The SMART Prebend Centre and to make donations please visit

The SMART Prebend Centre is located at 12 Prebend St, Bedford
MK40 1QW. Telephone: 01234 365955

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