Campaigners want Pilgrim’s Progress film screened in Bedford

Pilgrims Progress animation
John Bunyan wrote the Pilgrim's Progress in 1678 while incarcerated in Bedford Gaol

A campaign is underway to persuade Cineworld Bedford to screen the new animated adaption of A Pilgrim’s Progress.  The film launches nationwide on Friday 25 October.

The story, written in 1678 by John Bunyan as he was incarcerated in Bedford Gaol, has been turned into an adventure animation with a powerful moral at its heart.

The film is being screened at more than 40 cinemas across the UK on its public release date of 25 October.

However, it is not scheduled to be screened in Bedford – the home town of the world-famous preacher.

A campaign has been mounted by film-makers and distributors, supported by the local Bunyan Round Table, to show demand for screenings in Bedford.

“It would be a terrible shame for the film which has made Bedford so famous around the world, not to be shown in the home town of John Bunyan,” said distributor, Stephen Briggs.

Thanks to local sponsors, a VIP preview has been arranged at Aspects Cineworld on Monday 21 October at 1pm.

Some of the actors and production team will be meeting invited members of the Bunyan Round Table and other dignitaries.

“We are hoping that they will sign letters we have prepared to show how many groups from schools, churches and more would be prepared to come along and see the film if it were shown on again on a later date,” said Stephen, who read A Pilgrim’s Progress as a boy in school.

A Pilgrim’s Progress was dropped from the local school curriculum in recent decades, but local campaigner Ruth Broomhall has been working to get it back in the classroom.

She has prepared teacher packs which have been made freely available and has undertaken a series of visits to the Borough’s primary schools. Copies of the kits will be given out at the preview on 21 October.

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Monday’s preview is by invitation only. However, if you have a special interest and would like to attend, contact Jacquie Manners at Manners PR on

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