Businesses being asked to help create a better Bedford

Spectacularts Holding Card

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s an event happening in Bedford. Anything from big concerts in Bedford Park to charity soup kitchens for the homeless.

Each of them needing some form of support from local businesses. All are noble and worthwhile but what does it mean when you support a local event as a sponsor?

On 7 September, the Spectacularts Arts Festival will hold its inaugural event in Bedford Park. But it’s going to be much more than a one-off carnival for Bedford.

“We’re creating a legacy for every Bedfordian,” says Spectacularts’ founder Sharon De Leornadis.

“We’re not just organising a one-off event and then disappearing until the next one. We want to keep the heart of Spectacularts pumping continuously, helping to empower Bedfordians throughout the year.”

So, how are they doing that?

Through its missions, Spectacularts’ is bringing people from the diverse cultures and communities in Bedford together through the annual carnival and varied workshops throughout the year.

We recently spoke to some of their volunteers who are helping shape September’s carnival.

The overwhelming response when you ask them why they are involved, is that they’re doing it for the greater good of the town.

They recognise that they have skills and time to give to the Spectacularts foundation to help achieve its mission.

But they also recognise they can’t do it alone. As with all events, lack of funding is the greatest barrier.

“We’ve got such an incredible team behind us already,” adds Sharon. “But we also need financial and partnership support too.

“Companies can sponsor us with money as we need it to continue, but also in many other ways, helping us with premises, equipment or sharing their experience and knowledge.

“For example, Copybox has lent us a copier for us to use, Sportsform has helped us with the cost of t-shirt printing, the Rotary Club are helping us with Marshalls for the festival.”

And the businesses already signed up to support them know exactly what this means.

“It’s so important for us at Eagle Brewery to support brilliant Bedford events like Spectacularts which really showcases the fabulous arts talent in the town, brings the different communities together and shines a light on the great work community heroes are doing here,” says Jim Gill, regional sales manager, Eagle Brewery.

“We are so looking forward to Saturday 7 September and for the amazing Dance, Arts, Theatre and Music that Bedford has to offer.”

Eagle Brewery montageBy helping Spectacularts, these businesses are helping support a foundation that will have a positive impact on the town for years to come.

They’re not just giving back to the town that has supported them but making a mark that they too can proudly say they helped create.

“As a whole Businesses and Bedfordians need to start giving something back to the community, to help it grow and protect their town,” says Sharon.

“In present times with teenagers lacking direction we need to show them how to do it.

“The companies that support us will be rewarded in many ways, better reputation, improving community spirit, leading the younger generation on a better path and showcasing the real talent hidden away in Bedford.”

Of course, these elements will appeal to the more philanthropic types in the Borough, but there’s also a reward for your business brand too.

“Your brand will be right there for everyone to see whenever they interact with Spectacularts. Thousands of people will see your business, and learn who you are and what you do.

“Sponsoring Spectacularts isn’t just good for Bedford, it’s good for your business too.”

Spectacularts Volunteers

Which Eagle Brewery’s Jim Gill agrees is an opportunity they can’t afford to miss. “We’re a significant employer in Bedford, our workforce is diverse and for us to be involved and pour our brilliant Bedford Beers at an event that celebrates and promotes the different cultural traditions in Bedford is a real honour for us.

“Visitors to the Spectacularts will be able to sample our brilliant Bedford brewed beers whilst enjoying what we know will be a stunning programme of events. We look forward to seeing the people of Bedford there.”

To speak to the team to see how you may be able to help Spectacularts as a sponsor, call 01234 861 656 or email

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