Brexit in Bedford – would we still vote to leave?

Brexit in Bedford

With just over two months until the date we are due to withdraw from the EU, it seems we’re no closer to understanding exactly what Brexit will be, and how it will affect us.

Negotiations with both the EU and our own political leaders have been subject to criticism and even ridicule with the prospect of a ‘deal’ seemingly no closer than when the referendum first took place.

Infighting within the Government, calls for votes of no confidence from all sides, resignations, and a threat of political suicide if an unpopular decision is made, seem to be a weekly, and sometimes daily, occurrence as our leaders struggle to agree on how Brexit should be delivered.

Bedford Borough voted to leave the EU back in 2016, mirroring the national mood with Bedfordians returning a 52% to 48% result in favour of a split from the European Union.

But if the vote were to happen tomorrow, knowing what we all know now, would the result be the same?

The Bedford Independent has partnered with Woodfines Solicitors to find out.

Would you still vote the same way? Would you want the chance to do so? Our simple Brexit in Bedford survey will take less than two minutes but will help us all better understand the feelings about Brexit in Bedford.

We will use the results as an opportunity to discuss the impact of Brexit locally, the positives and the negatives of our decision to leave the EU and how it may affect us locally.

It will also help our local political leaders understand the mood of Bedfordians across the Borough and what they need to do to ensure they do represent our interests properly.

As a thank you for taking part, each respondent, should they choose to, will be entered into a prize draw to win £25 cash.

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