Breaking news: Vehicle crashes into St Cuthbert’s Street business

Photo: Dan Layne

At around 11 am today (Monday) an Aston Martin crashed into the front windows of the Foundry on the corner of St Cuthbert’s Street and St Peter’s Street.

The Foundry is home of QV Systems and owner Daniel Layne was alone in the building when the incident occurred.

He told the Bedford Independent: “I heard the screech of tyres and then seconds later the office window exploded inwards, showering the office with glass and causing significant damage.

“Thankfully there was no one walking on the pavement at the time, or sitting at the desk next to the impact as they would have been seriously injured or worse.”

It’s not known how the accident occurred. We have contacted Bedfordshire Police for further information.

This is a breaking news story and more be updated as more information becomes available.

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