Breaking news: Mohammad Yasin MP reselected to run for Labour in next general election

Mohammad Yasin MP
Mohammad Yasin MP Image: Mohammad Yasin MP/Facebook

Bedford and Kempston MP, Mohammad Yasin has been unanimously re-selected as Labour’s candidate for the next General Election.

Party members from across his constituency, alongside local community groups affiliated to the Labour Party, chose Mr Yasin in a vote this afternoon.

If he had not been selected, a full selection to decide who will be Labour’s candidate at the next General Election would have taken place.

Mr Yasin said he was “very grateful” for being chosen.

“I remain committed to doing the best job I can for the residents of Bedford and Kempston regardless of their political views,” he said.

“We are one community and I will continue to engage with residents, raise issues in Parliament, and fight for the fairer society and better Bedford and Kempston we all deserve.

“Together we have been making progress on major projects such as bringing a new mental health hospital to Bedford but it’s important that we stay focussed and ensure that despite an unstable, scandal-ridden Conservative Government, we get our towns the services we need.”

Highlighting his “fantastic work”, the chair of the Bedford and Kempston Labour, and Town Councillor, Party Sam Blacklaws listed some of the projects Mr Yasin has supported and campaigned for.

“The unanimous support highlights the fantastic work Mohammad Yasin has been doing both in Parliament and locally,” said Mr Blacklaws.

“His Labour values are clear in his previous work to save the maternity and A&E units at Bedford hospital, and his current work to bring much needed mental health services to Bedford.

“We wish him the best of luck in the next General Election, and he will have the full support of the Bedford and Kempston Labour Party.”

Unless it is called early, the next General Election is due on 2 May 2024.

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