Boyds of Bedford expands into new shop and cafe space in Stagsden

Boyds of Bedford
Jess & Tom are the owners at Boyds of Bedford (photo credit: @tcandthundercat)

Boyds of Bedford may have outgrown their shop in the town centre, but their new premises in the village of Stagsden looks set to become a must-visit destination.

The new location incorporates their sister business, The Vintage Suit Hire Company and a newly created coffee bar going by the name of Café BRAT.

Husband and wife team, Tom and Jess, have had a presence on Castle Lane in Bedford for the past three years.

The business began as the Vintage Suit Hire Company before launching Boyds of Bedford in September 2018 in order to diversify their offering.

In the year that followed, Vintage Suit Hire continued to thrive and Boyds of Bedford blossomed with their range of classic ‘Café Racer’ and Hot Rod-inspired apparel.

“We loved being in Castle Lane, but knew the time was right to relocate to a more rural location,” said Tom. “There’s a national trend to create more unique destination shopping experiences and we look forward to welcoming patrons to relax, shop, work and socialise under one – our – roof.”

The welcome addition of on-site parking allows customers to take their time and enjoy what they have to offer or call in briefly without having to hunt for suitable parking.

Following on from the trend led by the likes of The Bike Shed (Shoreditch), Krazy Horse (Bury St Edmonds) and Caffeine and Machine (Solihull), Boyds aims to be a meeting place for petrol heads and creatives to hang out and meet new people and shop.

Having hosted bike meets in St. Pauls Square, Bedford which attracted up to 200 motorcycles, Boyds plan to take this concept out of town and focus more on the custom and classic side of all things two and four wheeled.

Boyds print their own goods and apparel on-site using traditional silk screen printing processes, and alongside this stock items from suppliers such as Bike Shed, Biltwell, Knox Armour, Saint, Roeg, Bedfordshire Beard Co., Primal Suds and their long-time collaborators, Two Gun Salute.

For those looking for something a little more sartorial, the original Vintage Suit Hire offers hand-made wool suits to hire or purchase, with the option to have them altered for the perfect fit.

Café BRAT – with free wifi – serves coffee, Bratwürste, sweet and savoury pretzels and other sweet treats including vegan options to keep customers well-nourished.

Boyds of Bedford can be found at Unit 8 Kinsbourne Farm, Bedford, Beds, MK43 8TS, just off the A422.

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