Borough Council say 40 properties flooded over Christmas as volunteers continue to help those affected

Engineers Bridge, Credit: Alison Crook

Bedford Borough Council have said that around 40 properties were flooded after the River Great Ouse burst its banks over the Christmas bank holiday.

Around 1300 households were visited and advised to evacuate after the Environment Agency issued a severe flood warning for areas of the borough near the river on Christmas Eve.

Five days on, and with flood warnings being lifted and roads reopening, Council officers, emergency services and volunteers will be providing information and advice to those cleaning up flood damage.

The information will give advice on what to do with damaged and contaminated items, such as:

  • For ‘household items’ damaged or contaminated by water, please check with your insurance company first to ensure removing items will not affect any claim you may make.
  • Where items are to be removed, place them into/next to the black bin on your next bin day. Remember these are different due to festive bank holidays, and can be checked at
  • Householders that were flooded are also asked to get in touch with the Council via email at
  • Their property can then be added to the database of properties at risk, so agencies can provide appropriate support in the future.
  • “We have seen incredible comradeship shown by organisations, volunteers and communities across the Borough and I am hugely grateful to everyone for the support shown in recent days,” said Mayor Dave Hodgson.
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