Boost for Bedford cyclists as new routes to be opened up

one way cycling

A scheme to remove restrictions for cyclists on one-way streets in Bedford looks set to deliver a boost for bikers in Newnham Ward.

The plans, which have been proposed by Newnham Ward Councillors Cllr Hilde Hendrickx and Cllr Jake Sampson using their ward fund, would see the removal of restrictions for bicycles on a series of one-way streets off Castle Road.

The Council has now published the proposed traffic regulation order to implement the scheme, which exempts cycles from one-way and no-entry restrictions on Denmark Street, Dudley Street, George Street, Shaftesbury Avenue and Greenshields Road, all off Castle Road.

The Councillors put forward the plans in order to support bike users to cycle locally rather than drive.

Green party councillor and cycling advocate, Lucy Bywater said of the proposal, “I’m pleased to see this common sense approach to allowing bicycles to travel both ways.

“We urgently need to enable far more people to cycle safely, now more than ever with current advice being to avoid public transport where possible.

“What we Greens councillors are pressing for is modification of roads and pavements, at least temporarily, to allow safer, social distanced spaces for greater numbers of cyclists and pedestrians, especially as lockdown eases. It’s essential for health, the  environment and for local businesses.”

The councillors behind the proposal, Cllr Hilde Hendrickx and Cllr Jake Sampson of the Liberal Democrats, said, “These proposals represent a major boost for local cyclists, opening up new routes and making cycling an even more attractive and convenient option for local residents.

“The common sense changes will give people more reason to get out of their cars and onto their bikes, which is good for their health and good for our local and wider environment.”

Details of the plans to exempt cycles from the existing one-way and prohibition of entry restrictions in the affected streets are available on the Council’s website at, with notices also on display in the area.

Consultation on the plans is open until 12 June 2020.

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