Blood left at Bedford break in lands burglar in jail

Charge/Arrest Bedford Bedfordshire Police

A man responsible for a break in at a Bedford house has been sent to prison for three years after he left traces of blood at the scene.

Joseph Lamb, 45, of no fixed address, was sentenced on Monday (15 April) at Luton Crown Court for the crime on 22 February at West Grove.

While the property had been locked and secured when the owner returned home at around 9pm, he noticed a glass panel near the front door had been smashed.

Cabinets and wardrobes in two of the bedrooms had been emptied but nothing had been taken.

However, damage to the front door cost £2,000 to repair.

After the break in was reported, a scenes of crime officer carried out a forensic examination and found blood on a box and on the inside of a cupboard door in one of the bedrooms.

Swabs of the blood were taken and sent off for forensic analysis, which determined they matched the DNA of Lamb.

When interviewed, Lamb admitted to the offence, but told officers he didn’t take anything as he felt nervous and guilty for breaking in.

Detective Constable Andy Boston said: “The fact that Lamb didn’t take anything, admitted the offence, and was still jailed for three years should act as a deterrent to other burglars out there.

“Deep down he knows what he did was wrong, and I only hope he now realises that crime doesn’t pay.

“The victim and his family have lived in their home for 17 years – even though Lamb took nothing, we can’t underestimate the impact that his actions had.”

Bedfordshire Police sat that Burglary is one of their priorities and have a dedicated team called Operation Maze to tackle the crime across the county.