‘Bloke from Yorkshire’ visits Bedford and reminds us all what a great town it is

Hometown tourist
Butterfly Bridge

We’re often guilty of taking for granted what’s right on our doorstep, and never more so than when it comes to the beauty of Bedford.

From architecture and heritage to restaurants and the river, it’s easy to become blasé about things we pass on a daily basis,

Yesterday, Bedfordian Lin Tempest shared this post on the We Are Bedford Facebook page, following a visit from a friend from Leeds.

Lin Tempest post

The post attracted over 120 comments, many thanking Lin’s friend, Matt Rich, for reminding them of the great places Bedford has to offer.

“Thanks for sharing, sometimes we need someone else to show us what nice things we do have 👍” said We Are Bedford member, Mandy Field.

Beautiful pictures I’m from Bedford and I don’t know half these places!” wrote Sue Hartnett.

As well as the history and culture, they had a spot of lunch at Amici and took to the water at Priory Marina – all captured in beautiful sunshine by Matt.

“I’ve been here 30 years, but thanks to a bloke from Yorkshire I’ve found a new favourite restaurant,” wrote Lin.

“We think we should all thank the ‘bloke from Yorkshire’ for reminding us what a great place Bedford is,” said Explore Bedford‘s Charlotte Gorringe.

“It’s easy to forget what a wealth of heritage, art, culture and countryside we have right under our noses.

“We’re definitely going to become hometown tourists a bit more often, thanks to Matt.”

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