Biddenham School ahead of the game with laptops for every student


One school in Bedford was way ahead of the game with remote learning, even before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

Seven years ago, Biddenham School took the strategic decision to issue all of its students with a Chromebook to keep for the duration of their time at the school to help with their studies.

When schools throughout England were closed in March, Biddenham students already had the equipment to hit the ground running for a unique few months of remote teaching and learning.

Principal David Bailey said it not only helped with continuity of learning, but also enabled the school to maintain vital contact with their students.

As schools reopened after the summer, remote learning has remained important, particularly for students who have had to self-isolate at home.

“Since September we have been able to maintain the learning of our students by ensuring that any students at home use Googlemeet to tune into the lesson they would have had and effectively take part remotely.

“Similarly, any teachers who may have to be at home are teaching their lessons from home to their students in school, whilst the group is supported in school by a cover teacher.

“Should we return to a full lockdown we are ready to continue learning remotely.”

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