Best-selling author Sophie Kinsella launches Schoolreaders’ Book Club Quiz on World Book Day

Sophie Kinsella (photo credit:John Swannell)
Sophie Kinsella (photo credit:John Swannell)

Schoolreaders, the Bedford-based charity that aims to give every child the chance to read well, is launching its 2020 Book Club Quiz, where book clubs from around the country are invited to host a fun literary quiz evening to help raise important funds for its reading support scheme for primary school children.

Best-selling author, Sophie Kinsella, whose novels have sold more than 40 million copies worldwide, is supporting the Schoolreaders’ Book Club Quiz for 2020.

“I am absolutely delighted to be associated with a charity as wonderful as Schoolreaders; they are doing fantastic work giving children vital literacy skills and showing them the pleasure and fun of reading,” said Sophie.

“We are so grateful to Sophie for supporting our third Schoolreaders Book Club Quiz and hope that we can really build on last year’s successful campaign,” said Jane Whitbread, Founder of Schoolreaders.

“Our quiz is also a fantastic way to celebrate World Book Day and we hope to raise extra funding to reach more children who need this reading support scheme.

“To most of us, reading is a pleasure.  Sadly, illiteracy is still a real problem for many people in this country, with about one in six adults having very poor literacy skills.

“By intervening at primary school stage we can really help improve many children’s reading skills, which can give them better access to their education, thereby impacting their subsequent opportunities and success in later life.”

Schoolreaders recruits volunteers to provide weekly one-to-one reading support to children in primary schools across the country and is unique in being the only nationwide charity to provide this service to schools for free.   This means that all children have the opportunity to benefit from this vital reading support, irrespective of a school’s financial situation.

Schoolreaders currently provides weekly reading sessions to over 12,500 children each week in over 650 schools.

To enter, book clubs should register online at

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