BedPop Fun Palaces return for a weekend of free art, culture and science

Fun Palaces

On Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October, four BedPop Fun Palaces will be popping up for a free weekend of arts, culture and science in Bedford’s town centre and Cultural Quarter – and everyone’s invited.

This is the fifth year that Fun Palaces have popped up in Bedford, joining the international Fun Palaces campaign to put community at the heart of culture and culture at the heart of community.

This year, the Higgins Bedford, John Bunyan Museum, Panacea Museum and Bedford Central Library have teamed up with local people including Bedford Radio, Goldington Academy, Circus of Illustration, Teaching Talons, Bedford Geology Group, Mark Rutherford School, Bedford College, Mini Map-Makers and more to create free hands-on art and science workshops, events, demonstrations, challenges and activities.

At The Higgins Bedford, young people are invited to join in a political workshop which explores the fundamentals of UK politics, the environment, Vote for 16 and more.

Treats and Tea Party Poetry fun will be available to visitors as well as modern calligraphy sessions.

Other highlights include Vox Pop challenges, activities for budding geologists, Victorian toy workshops, mixed media insects’ art sessions, cartography, board games and an exclusive behind the scenes look at the upcoming Dreams and Nightmares exhibition.

John Bunyan Museum will be running exciting museum trails, offering visitors the chance to find out more about Bedford’s most famous resident through a variety of fun and engaging activities.

There’s also an opportunity to meet a range of amazing animals up close and personal including hedgehogs, lizards and owls with Teaching Talons.

Over at the Panacea Museum, there will be paper art workshops using genuine printed pamphlets from the 1920s and 1930s, used to promote the Panacea Society during their most active period.

Bedford Central Library will be running a Lego Challenge inspired by the library’s regular Saturday Lego Club. There will also be an art workshop led by students and a creative craft activity.

For full details and the timed programme, you can download the BedPop Fun Palaces brochure for more details.

Check out The Higgins Bedford, John Bunyan Museum, Panacea Museum and Bedford Central Library websites and social media pages for more information.






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