Bedfringe 13: launch review

Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq

The 13th annual Bedfringe festival launched last night at the Quarry Theatre and proved that Bedford is in for a feast of comedy, music, performance, drama, magic, dance, spoken word, beat-boxing and more over the next two weeks.

Compered by Castle Comedy‘s host with the most, Paul Revell, the show kicked off with some interpretive dance from former Cllr David Fletcher (we’re certain he’ll never arrive at a comedy show late again…) and was quickly followed by comedian, Naz Osmanoglu and his Scandi detective alter-ego.

Profanity fans were in for a treat as Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq took to the stage with banjolele in hand and his viral YouTube hit, No More F**ks to Give, at the ready.

The cuss-riddled song – which has been viewed over 70m times – brought the house down and you can catch his full show at the Quarry Theatre on Wednesday 24 July at 8.30pm.

Mind-melting magic followed from Edinburgh Fringe legend Dave Alnwick. He’s got a show on Saturday 27 July at 6pm and you would be mad to miss it.

Dave Alnwick: he is literally a wizard

What he can do with foam balls and a length of rope would put many Tory MP’s sex scandals to shame…

Closing the show was the incredible SK Shlomo. This award-winning beatboxer counts Damon Albarn, Lily Allen and Jarvis Cocker among his fans and we can wholeheartedly add ourselves to that list.

Everyone in last night’s crowd owes a huge debt of thanks to the four audience members who volunteered to take part in the beatbox battle. Nutterz v Hip – we salute you.

You’ve got two chances to see Shlomo during Bedfringe. His adult show, Surrender is on Tuesday 23 July at 9pm.

If you only take your kids to see one show, make it this one on Tuesday 23 July at 4pm. They will definitely thank you for it.

Over 150 Bedfringe events are taking place between now and Saturday 27 July. Performances take place at the Place Theatre on Bradgate Road and the Quarry Theatre on St Peter’s Street.

Book your tickets now…

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