Bedfordshire Uni lecturer shortlisted for national dance award

Dr Aujila
Dr Aujila

Dr Imogen Aujla, senior lecturer in Dance and Dance Science at the University of Bedfordshire, has been shortlisted for a national dance award.

The Dance Science award is part of One Dance UK’s 2019 awards, developed to recognise the outstanding contribution of professionals and practitioners working in the field.

Talking about her nomination, Dr Imogen Aujla said, “I’m passionate about the role that dance science can play in improving the lives of dancers of all styles and levels, so it’s an honour for my work to be recognised by the broader dance industry.”

The Dance Science award recognises individuals who make a significant positive impact on dancers’ health, wellbeing and/or performance by finding ways to answer questions and solve problems that will make the most difference.

“Dance science ultimately aims to research and develop means of training and performing that put the psychological and physical health of the performer first,” says Dr Ajula.

“In recent years, dance science has also embraced the field of dance and health, investigating how participating in dance can result in positive health and wellbeing outcomes.

“It’s an exciting time to be part of this field.”

Dr Aujla’s research interests include dance psychology, talent identification and development, dance and disability, and health and wellbeing in dance.

She is currently working on funded projects into talent development for disabled dancers, the role of freelancers in the UK dance sector, and the impact of intergenerational dance projects on participant wellbeing.

Dr Aujla also runs the MSc Dance Science at the University of Bedfordshire, which is the only dance science course in England to offer optional units including ones relating to public health in recognition of the growing field of dance and health.

The One Dance UK awards are an annual event and an opportunity for people in the dance community to get together, celebrate, acknowledge and reward those who have made an impact on the UK’s vibrant dance landscape over the last 12 months.

The ceremony will take place on Saturday 9 November, 7pm. At the Imperial War Museum, The Quays, Trafford Wharf Road, Greater Manchester M17 1TZ.

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