Bedfordshire Police return Indy the dog to her family

Indy the dog, has been returned to her owners by Bedfordshire Police
Indy the dog, has been returned to her owners by Bedfordshire Police

Indy the Romanian rescue dog, who was seized by Bedfordshire Police, has been returned home to her family who say they are unable to put into words “the myriad of emotions we feel but we have our girl back.”

Indy was seized by the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Joint Protective Services Dog Unit last Thursday (3 February) after reports she had bitten a child six weeks before.

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Bedfordshire Police faced significant criticism over the handling of the incident with people from across the UK campaigning for them to release her.

Some questioned why it had taken six weeks for them to execute their warrant if they believed Indy was a danger.

In less than a week, petitions calling on Bedfordshire Police to release Indy were signed by 16,000 people.

“Overwhelming support”

In a post on social media, Claire Harding, the daughter of Indy’s owner, said Indy is “very nervous” after the incident.

“Thank you all so much for your support in the past week. It honestly means the world,” she added.

“The trauma of this experience is far from over for Indy and ourselves but we truly believe that without the public outcry at the devastating video and overwhelming support of our friends and the public, we wouldn’t be sitting here with Indy now.”

Speaking to the Bedford Independent, a spokesperson for Bedfordshire Police said: “We understand the public interest there has been after we seized Indy, a Romanian rescue dog after she had bitten a child in Biggleswade.

“The fact a young child had been bitten and the way in which the incident was reported to us led to us taking the action we did in seizing Indy.

“While we have not carried out a formal behaviour assessment, observing the dog over the past few days has helped to inform our decision making in this investigation.

“The Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Joint Protective Services Dog Unit has now fully reviewed the case and decided the matter can be dealt with by a community protection warning letter.

“This will involve a number of restrictions which will be left with Indy’s family to implement and manage.

“Indy has been collected by her owner and taken home today.”

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