Bedfordshire firefighters rewarded for long service

All Fire Service personnel who received their 20/25 year Long Service award, alongside Cllr John Chatterley, LLT Helen Nellis and Chief Fire Officer Andrew Hopkinson
All Fire Service personnel who received their 20 and 25 year Long Service Awards, alongside Cllr John Chatterley, LLT Helen Nellis and Chief Fire Officer Andrew Hopkinson

16 Bedfordshire firefighters have been recognised for their long service at an awards ceremony this week (Tuesday).

The 20 and 25 year Long Service and Good Conduct Awards were presented on behalf of The Queen by the HM Lord Lieutenant Helen Nellis at an event at nearby Wyboston Lakes.

Chief Fire Officer (CFO) Andrew Hopkinson said the event was a chance to recognise the firefighters who have devoted their careers to the service and thank their families and friends.

“This has been particularly important during the past 18 months”, he said, “when our Service has really stepped up and ‘dared to be different’ in delivering new and innovative ways of working together with our partners to help and support our communities during the pandemic.

“…Families and friends often go unrecognised but do so much to support and enable our staff to come to work and do all the amazing things they do on a daily basis.

“It was a lovely ceremony and I’m very grateful to our Fire Authority Members and particularly to HM Lord-Lieutenant Helen Nellis, who took time out from her incredibly busy diary to join us and present the awards.”

The 20-year Long Service and Good Conduct Medals were presented to:

  • Firefighter Gavin Armstrong
  • Crew Commander Dave Carney
  • Crew Commander Dominic Cook
  • Firefighter Stuart Cox
  • Firefighter Mark Cree
  • Crew Commander Simon Ford
  • Watch Commander Control Rebecca Lewington
  • Crew Commander Haydon Littlewood
  • Crew Commander Simon Olding
  • Firefighter Danny Roberts
  • Crew Commander Graham Sharp
  • Firefighter Simon Stanton
  • Crew Commander Alan Tuffnell
  • Station Commander James West

The Fire Brigade Long Service Medal was established in June 1954 as a long service medal awarded to full-time and part-time members of fire brigades throughout the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

The medal is awarded for 20 years of good and efficient service.

Crew Commander Alex Russell and Area Commander Jason Tai were also presented with a long service certificate for over 25 years of service.

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