Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue crews join Falls Response Programme

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Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue is the latest service to join the East of England Emergency Service NHS Trust’s (EEAST) new Falls Response Programme

The crew has a dedicated vehicle based out their Ampthill station staffed by fire engagement officers (non-fire trained personnel) who have undergone our CFR training course and additional falls training.

The Falls Response Programme is being rolled out across the region with its network of community first responders (CFRs) and in some areas we are also working with fire and rescue services.

Falls can account for up to 20% of EEAST patients on a daily basis. Some falls are serious and patients need to be transported to hospital for further treatment. But some people that have fallen just need to be helped to their feet or a chair and checked to ensure they’re safe to be left at home.

The Falls Response Programme involves community first responders or fire and rescue crews responding to calls that have been clinically assessed.

They are trained to assist the patient from the floor and undertake an assessment. This is then discussed with a clinician in our control room to ensure the patient can be left at home.

The resource will also be available to respond to cardiac arrests – as do other CFRs taking part in the programme.

Marcus Bailey, Chief Operating Officer for EEAST said, “Even when people experience the less serious kind of falls they can still be very distressing, so improving our response to these patients, and reducing the time they are on the floor is essential.

“We are very pleased to be working with our Blue Light colleagues in Bedfordshire and other locations to provide prompt help and assessment for these patients.”