Bedford’s Skydive Recruitz place third in international skydiving challenge

Skydive Recruitz collect their bronze medals at the World Challenge 2019
Skydive Recruitz collect their bronze medals at the World Challenge 2019

Bedford’s youth skydiving team, Skydive Recruitz, have come third in a World Skydiving Challenge at Twinwoods Adventure, competing against adult teams much older and much more experienced.

The team of two girls and two boys, aged 12 to 14, were using the event over the 4-6 April to practice for the junior world indoor skydiving championship in Lille later this month.

But, showing the rest of the world that Bedford could be the home of future world skydiving champions: George Clayton, Jelena Ilic, Jorja Bell and Zac Myles, placed a very respectable third in the ‘Four-way, category A’ against adults.

Taking part in the Skydiving Challenge at Twinwoods Adventure not only gave them a feel for a competition but gave them a chance to see older teams in action.

The invitation to now represent the UK in the FS (Formation Skydiving) Junior category in Lille will be the Recruitz first opportunity to challenge themselves against the world’s best junior teams.

Bedford Rucruitz parent, Paul Harman-Clayton was bursting with pride: “The team beat their personal best score and finished 3rd in their category, with men’s teams from Poland and Romania coming ahead of them.

“They got onto the podium and received medals to a big cheer from the other competitors.”

And Paul adds, the team won’t be letting the recent success go to their heads: “The Skydive Recruitz, are training hard each week at their home wind tunnel at Twinwoods Adventure.

“Competing in Lille is a truly unique opportunity for the Skydive Recruitz and something they hope will motivate other people to give indoor skydiving a try.”

Skydive Recruitz World Challenge 2019 formation
Skydive Recruitz in formation at the World Challenge 2019

The World Challenge saw 80 teams from as far away as Australia come along to compete and see who the best indoor skydivers in the world are, the Belgian Air Force even sent a team.

The overall competition breaks down into ‘four way’ and ‘artistics’.

‘Four way’ is flying flat on the belly, and breaks down in to four skill categories: Rookie, A, AA, and the world-class level (seen as the pinnacle), AAA.

In the AAA group, the winners were HayaBusa from Belgium, second place was Arizona Airspeed from the US and then the Russia team in third.

NFTO, an all female group placed 9th overall and were the highest ranking UK team. They also took first place in the UK rankings.

There were also competitions in the Artistic disciplines, which included Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS), Dynamic two and four-way comps, and Freestyle, which is an individual competition.

If you’d like to find out more about indoor skydiving and joining the Twinwood’s Skydive Recruitz kids club head to the Twinwoods Adventure website.

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