Bedford’s serial Guinness World Record breaker adds to his collection

Alex Goulding now has seven Guinness World Records

Warning: The following article discusses issues surrounding suicide.

In June 2021, 27-year old Alex Goulding set out to break a Guinness World Record. Twelve months on, the fitness enthusiast can now show off seven certificates.

With four separate Guinness World Records to his name, Alex is now a common feature in the world-famous book with a whole host of gym-based feats.

Last month, Goulding broke two more Guinness World Records to take his number from five to seven successful attempts; beginning with one of his favourites, ‘The most side jump push-ups in one minute’, beating his previous record by one to take it to 55.

Most would see 55 side jump push-ups in a single minute as near impossible, but Alex’s aim is to go better than one per second in future attempts.

Not content with a simple side jump push-up however, Alex took it a step further and broke another world record, ‘The most side jump push-ups with a clap in one minute’.

That record stood at 34, but has now been smashed, with Alex achieving 45 in a single minute to break his fourth separate world record.

Alex Goulding and his team

From back garden to Italian TV

Goulding’s fitness journey, incorporating the world record attempts, is an inspiring one.

Speaking exclusively to Bedford Independent in March, Goulding described how exercise is a form of escapism for him and allowed a release during the lockdown months during the pandemic.

“Due to all the spare time, I practised and practised my push ups every day and applied to break a world record for the most side jump push ups, and attained that four months later.

“Guinness then contacted me directly and asked if I wanted to be on their TV show and I obviously jumped at the chance!”

That TV show was ‘Lo Show dei Record’ and Alex has been invited back on the show in 2023 to appear on the ninth series.

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Alex is also due to star in the second series of BBC One documentary ‘This is England’ in September, alongside Samson’s Academy in order to raise awareness of male suicide.

This is just one small part of a larger initiative from Samson’s Academy in order to promote awareness of men’s mental health, with a free programme available to everyone to view here.

As well as this, Alex is also due to speak at Hazeldene School and his old university at Nottingham Trent about the pros of exercise and how it can improve mental health.

While Alex spends a lot of his free time in training for the audacious record attempts, he also runs his own personal training sessions, in the hope of helping others find solace through exercise.

However, the world record endeavours keep on coming, with the next attempt to be held at ‘Ten’ gym in Ravensden on Saturday 20 August.

The event at the newly opened gym and fitness centre is an open day with a BBQ and is hoping to raise money for Bedford Hospital Charity and Friends and the Primrose Unit.

It promises to be an ever-exciting time for Goulding though who plans to carry on breaking world records in the months and years to come.

You can follow Alex’s exploits on Instagram by following him @alex.goulding_