Bedford’s robots need holidays too

Co-op delivery robots at Queen's Drive
Co-op delivery robots at Queen's Drive. Image: Bedford Independent

As the summer holidays approach, it seems that even our friendly local automatons need an annual break for some R and R.

On Sunday (16 June), the Co-op robots will be taking a pause from Queen’s Drive, Goldington and Kempston and at 9.30pm they will down tools and put their wheels up.

A spokesperson for Starship Technologies said: “The pause in service will allow us to focus on exciting development work, including wireless charging for robots across the UK.

“Wireless charging is more energy-efficient, meaning a further reduction in local CO2 emissions, while also ensuring enhanced service and availability of robots at the start of each day.

“We’ll let our customers know as soon as this work is done and the robots are ready to start delivering again.”

Wireless charging stations for the robots not only make them more environmentally friendly but will also remove the need for vans to pick them up and take them home at night.

We understand the inconvenience this may cause. For an alternative home delivery solution, please tap the link to Co-op’s website here.

A statement from Co-op said: “Since we started delivering in Bedford, we’ve been extremely grateful for the support our robots have received.

“We can’t wait to be back with an even better service than before, and we look forward to delivering to you again soon.”

Home deliveries of groceries from local Co-op shops are still available through their online shop, but they will be delivered by an actual human being until the robots are back from their well-earned break.