Bedford’s Oasis Beach Pool to close for repairs


Bedford’s Oasis Beach Pool is closing for repairs next week but as some of the work will be “specialist work at high level” the weather may cause delays.

In a single post on Bedford Borough Council’s Facebook page, a notice of the works was made just six days before the work is due to start.

No media releases were sent by Fusion to make sure as many people as possible know about the works and only a small notice is visible on their website’s homepage.

The Council say they have worked with Fusion Lifestyle to identify a suitable date, avoiding the busy school holidays, with the pool scheduled to be fully closed from Monday, 6 June – to Friday, 17 June.

However, they also say the work schedule may change, “the work will be weather dependent so the closure days may need to be changed at short notice.

“If this is the case the new dates will be added to the Oasis website and posted on social media,” they said.

Fusion apologised for the inconvenience and added, “during this short period, members can access Robinson Pools & Fitness.

“If your membership does not include this centre, please call ahead to guarantee a space or visit the centre where we will do our best to accommodate.”

You can contact Robinson Pool & Fitness on 01234 357157.

An eye-sore

Fusion has come under constant criticism over the past few years for the way they manage and maintain Bedford’s Leisure services, with Oasis Beech Pool often the main target for complaints.

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The announcement of these repairs hasn’t brought much change to Bedfordian’s views.

One commenter on the Bedford Borough Council Facebook page said “any chance of any contractors cleaning it and making it less of an eye-sore whilst you’re at it?”

Another added: “Please knock it down and start again.”

One took the opportunity to ask the council why Fusion still hadn’t apparently refunded money owed to customers while the pool was shut.

“Please find out why they haven’t refunded people their money when they closed it!!(sic)”, they said.

Steve Rose, senior business development manager at Fusion Lifestyle, recently moaned in a public meeting that the media had been “unfair” in their reports about the company.

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“Fusion has a quite a negative perception in the public eye, certainly in the media that I have seen… This mirrors a lot of the public discussion that has gone on around Fusion,” argued Cllr Graeme Coombes (Conservative, Wilshamstead Ward) in the meeting.

Mr Rose responded, “I’m not saying for a second that we’ve got everything right, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that.

“But in terms of the NPS scores, I think +12 is actually not a bad score, anything positive is a good score.

You can find out more about the works being carried out via the Oasis Beach Pool Website.

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