Bedford’s Naughty Pizza revs up at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Naughty Pizza at the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix/November 2023. Image: Naughty Pizza

A restaurant in Bedford is revving up to serve its contemporary Neopolitan-inspired pizzas to spectators at this weekend’s Formula 1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

Naughty Pizza, which has branches in Riverside Square, Bedford and Dubai, is opening a trackside pop-up restaurant in Abu Dhabi for motor-racing fans at the Grand Prix.

Owner, Bart Misztal, exclusively told the Bedford Independent that it was an opportunity that they couldn’t turn down and that although it’s a dream come true, “the best is yet to come”.

What inspired you to open a Naughty Pizza restaurant in Dubai?

After we opened in Bedford in 2020 it was a big success. We had expanded our pizza equipment business in Dubai, so it was a natural step to open a restaurant here [Dubai].

We found the perfect location and opened up downtown in Business Bay in February 2023. The Dubai restaurant is not much different to Bedford, but it has a capacity of 118, plus lots of outdoor space. The kitchen is bigger, and obviously we don’t offer alcohol.

How did you come to have a pop-up restaurant at the Abu Dhabi GP?

We have become quite popular in Dubai and we were approached by the catering concession team for the Grand Prix, selected and given a premium position.

We’re within the Dutch fan zone, so we’re hoping the Verstappen fans will enjoy some Naughty Pizza with us to celebrate.

It’s obviously a big expense for the business, but for a young brand like ours, it was a huge opportunity, so we have done everything possible to make it happen and this weekend we’ll see the result.

In some ways, it is a dream come true, but we have bigger dreams, so we are hoping the best is yet to come!

Have you met any of the drivers or team members yet?

We haven’t met any of the drivers/team members yet as we’re still building the restaurant, but we’ll see what happens over the race weekend. I have had the pleasure of meeting some drivers in the past.

What type of pizza do you think Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen would choose?

I think the drivers will all love Naughty Pizza, our signature, but I guess because they love adrenalin, the spicy options, Diavola, but I haven’t asked them…yet.

What are your plans for the future?

We have growth plans and a strategy in place. Our third restaurant will open in early 2024; we’ve signed the initial agreement on a second location in Dubai. It’s a very unique concept in a shopping mall, but we won’t be sharing any information just yet. It’s top secret.

The brand represents quality, we have many years of experience in the industry and are working towards perfecting our gourmet product. Maybe in the future, we’ll see more Naughty Pizza restaurants throughout the UK…

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