Bedford’s Miller sets sights on England call-up

Florence Miller
Florence Miller

Another Bedford Hockey Club player, Florence Miller, has her eyes set on a possible call-up for England, as her outstanding ability has seen her selected for England Hockey’s Futures Cup.

The Futures Cup supports National age-group selection, for players aged 14-17. Florence has, already, been participating within the Under 15s Regional network, which is made up of players who consistently demonstrate strong skills.

From here, those players who show that they are the best performing and highest potential players in their age-group, at each of the 17 Regional Performance Centres, are selected to play in the Cup.

The Futures Cup is a tournament, which runs over four days, and which the National age-group coaches attend, looking to select for the England U16 and U18 squads.

Florence joins the growing list of youngsters coming up through Bedford Hockey Club aiming for National participation.

She follows in the footsteps of Maddie Axford who, last season, was selected for the England Under 18s squad and, in recent matches, has taken on captaincy for her country.

At the other end of the age-range, several of Bedford Hockey Club’s players are, also, involved in National competition.

Rob Oakley

A few weeks ago, Club President, and player, Rob Oakley, and Club Veteran, Alan Rushton, saw action for England, in the European LX Masters’ Cup in Antwerp, Rob scoring 7 goals, in a 9-0 score line, for the O65s, and Alan returning home as Gold medal winner, with the England Men’s O70s finishing in top spot.

Next weekend, meanwhile, Yvette van Yperen, will be joining her England O35s squad in Rotterdam, for the European Championship’s Masters’ Hockey, where they will be defending their championship title, as Gold medal winners, last year.

Yvette van Yperen
Yvette van Yperen

The Championship will be running from 21-27th July. Bedford Hockey Club, also, boasts, two Ireland Masters, Brendan McNulty and Chris Townson, a Welsh Masters’ International, Joy Leeson, as well as one of the Bedford Ladies’ Masters’ team, Pam Begg, playing for Scotland’s Masters.

Anyone interested in playing for, watching, or sponsoring, Bedford Hockey Club, Club details can be found at

Words: Jean Fitch

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