Bedford’s Menopause Support Group announce partnership with the NHS Recovery College

Last year's Menopause Conference was a great success

A support group for women experiencing the menopause which was set up a year ago will become part of the NHS Recovery College in 2020.

Based on Woburn Road in Bedford, the Bedfordshire and Luton Recovery College is part of the Bedfordshire Mental Health Academy which is a formal partnership with East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) and the University of Bedfordshire.

The college is open to any adults who live or work in Bedfordshire and Luton, with courses and workshops focused on mental health wellbeing and recovery.

Bedford’s Menopause Support Group was set up last year by Anita Powell and their parternsiop with the Recovery Centre adds credibly to the group which has proved to be providing a much-needed service.

“I set the group up because I was shocked and surprised that in 2019 the word menopause was still a taboo word,” said Anita.
“Plus I realised that many women enter this stage not fully understanding what is happening and feel uncomfortable to talk to the people around them, hence suffer in silence.”

The group is a safe free place to talk and for women to share experiences. “Anyone can turn up with friends or on their own and know that they can talk about the menopause and not feel judged,” said Anita.
“NHS services are happy to work with the group offering support as part of the Recovery College.
“Although we don’t give medical advice, we are an impartial group that will signpost people to medical or alternative medicine services.    Many groups out there at the moment only promote what services they are offering and are not impartial.”

The Recovery College meetings will start from 23 January from 12.30 to 2pm.

On 8 February, the group will host their second annual Menopause Conference at the Higgins Bedford. This year’s event attracted over 60 attendees, covering topics including yoga menopause, homeopathy, personal stories about Perimenopause, Menopause and Post Menopause experiences.

If you wish to attend the meetings or would like more information about the conference, please contact Anita on 07772662551 or

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