Bedford’s Fiver Fest is back – and it’s the biggest in the UK

Fiver Fest Oct

Fiver Fest is back this October and thanks to the Town Centre Champions, there are more independent businesses taking part in Bedford than anywhere else in the UK.

Back in June, Bedford took part for the first time in the national event, run by Totally Locally.  Dozens of local businesses joined in, putting together special offers for just a fiver.

This October, at least 104 businesses are taking part, with over 180 £5 offers. Bedford College media students have produced a series of films to help promote Fiver Fest, and you can check them all out on their Facebook page.

A FiverFest promo video created for The Store by Bedford College media students

A FiverFest promo video created for The Store by Bedford College media students

Posted by Town Centre Champions – Bedford on Saturday, 28 September 2019

The aim of Fiver Fest is to remind people of the value of independent businesses to town centres, and also how important it is for local people to support those businesses.

From fishmongers to florists, cafes to clothes shops – there’s something for everyone among the #bedfordindies.

Organiser Helen Patterson of Town Centre Champions said, “We’ve got some really different businesses taking part this time, including two performing arts schools offering singing and dancing classes plus the Longholme has included boat hire!

“It’s definitely a Fiver ‘Feast’ again, as even more food establishments have come aboard, plus all the newly opened shops including BBTea, Anorak, The Store and Lotus are involved.”

Chris Sands, Totally Locally organiser said, “Bedford was a new town to Totally Locally when they joined in on the Fiver Fest last June, and it quickly became one of the most active of the 41 towns that joined in across the UK.

“The passion for Bedford’s town and high street from both shoppers and businesses is amazing.  Bedford is lucky to have such a strong community.”  Yes we are!

For more information and the Fiver Fest map, visit the Town Centre Champions’ website and check out their Facebook page.


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