Bedford’s Castle Mound mosaic damaged again but it might not be vandalism

Castle Mound mosaic damage August 2020
Image: Helen Patterson

A mosaic, telling the history of Bedford Castle, has been damaged again, but it may not be vandalism that has left several areas where tiles have come loose.

The black and white tiles on the grass along The Embankment in front of the Castle Mound, sustained a great deal of damage in mid-August.

Pictures of the damage were quickly shared on social media, including in the We Are Bedford Facebook group.

One member commented: “So sad… one of our nicer aspects spoilt. Completely unbelievable.”

While a spokeperson for Bedford Borough Council said it was a “shame that damage has again been done to the mosaic at Castle Mound”, they said ground movement could also be a factor.

“There are indications that the ground beneath the mosaic may have sunk little with the dry weather,” said the spokesperson.

Council workers have now fenced off the area to prevent further damage.

“We are investigating how best to carry out repairs both to get the mosaic back to looking its best and protect it for the future,” added the spokesperson.

But the council say they do want to rule out vandalism which may have happened around 17 August as well.

“We are reviewing the CCTV footage, and we would ask anyone who saw anything to please let the Police know via 101 or online,” they said.

Castle Mound mosaic damage August 2020
The mosaic has now been cordoned off while council workers repair the damage. Image: Helen Patterson

The mosaic was created by artist, Gary Drostle, and unveiled in 2014.

The artist’s website says: “The idea of this nine metre diameter mosaic for the front of the park was to put the castle mound into context, to depict the rich history of the town and to add a focal feature to the park entrance.”

All that remains of Bedford’s Medieval Castle is the large mound of the castle’s keep which today sits in the centre of Bedford’s Castle Park.

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