‘Bedford’s bin better’ anger at overflowing bins

Bins overflowing
One of the bins in Mill Meadows overflowing with litter all around

Bedfordian’s doing their best to beat lockdown boredom and entertain themselves and their families during half-term have been dismayed to find bins overflowing in some of Bedford’s parks and open spaces.

With many cooped up for several weeks, the easing of lockdown restrictions and warm weather has seen an increasing number of people gather in Bedford’s green spaces.

More people means more rubbish and public bins are overflowing resulting in litter being blown across the nearby area.

“While they may still be observing social distancing, some seem to be unaware of how they’re being ‘socially disgusting’,” said one park user.

“It’s a lovely day, it’s warm and sunny, yet people don’t seem to be bothered about the mess they leave behind. It’s just sheer laziness and selfish.”

Bedford Borough council say they’re working hard to empty bins as quickly as they can but ask users of our open spaces to be considerate too.

“We would ask people to be mindful and considerate when visiting parks and if a bin is full, please keep hold of your rubbish and put in the next nearest empty bin or take it home,” said a council spokesperson.

People found to not be disposing of their rubbish properly or littering could be fined £100.

People are asked to take rubbish home or find another bin if one is already full

A dog walker in Mill Meadows, along Bedford’s Embankment, added that the council should increase the frequency of their bin emptying too.

“They need to patrol more to catch the litter bugs and empty bins every day”, they said.

However, the council say they’ve done that already to cope with an increase in people using them.

“With more people expected to be using the parks, litter bins are being emptied in all parks three times a week and additional collections are being carried out on Saturday and Sunday in popular areas including Priory Country Park, Russell Park and the Embankment.

“We have redirected our litter pickers to spend more of their time in these popular areas to keep them looking their best,” added the council spokesperson.

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