Bedford’s Alex Goulding becomes five-time Guinness World Record holder

Bedford's Alex Goulding now holds three Guinness World Records

Alex Goulding already had two world records to his name but he has now added a third to add to his growing collection of Guinness World Record certificates.

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In February, Alex achieved his second world record – the quickest time to climb ten levels via plyometric push-up – which was shown on Italian TV show, ‘Lo Show dei Record’.

Now he has gone one further, breaking the world record for the most “180 push ups” in a single minute, achieving fifteen of them; a remarkable effort given the complexity of the task.

Alex and the Guinness World Records team (Image: Guinness World Records)

Despite the new achievement, Alex also attempted to beat his own existing world record on the same day; the most side jump push ups in one minute managing to beat it by one, leaving the world record standing at 54.

That was the third time Alex had broken that specific world record, managing 51 on his first attempt in June 2021, followed by 53 on his second and eventually 54, achieved on 23rd April.

This leaves Alex with three Guinness World Records and the fitness enthusiast is now a five-time world record breaker.

Speaking exclusively to Bedford Independent, Alex is continuing to set his sights on further accolades.

“All of my records have been tough but the 180 push ups in particular are extremely demanding on the body but also quite fun!

“I will continue to push myself to my limit and try and break more Guinness World Records and I have some more in the pipeline.

“I have had to sacrifice a tremendous amount but it has all been worth it and I have lots of exciting things planned going forwards.”

Alex’s first Guinness World Record came in July 2021

When asked about what his advice would be, Alex is hugely complimentary about the facilities available in Bedford and the collective positivity of Bedford’s personal trainers.

“We are lucky in Bedford with how many fantastic gyms there are and also loads of personal trainers, including myself who can help people to keep moving, keep believing and most importantly of all, to be happy.”

You can follow Alex on Instagram for all of the latest news surrounding his Guinness World Records journey by following alex.goulding_

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