Bedfordians gather for peaceful demo to show solidarity to Palestine

Bedford residents gathered to show their support for Palestine

Over 100 people gathered on Silver Street in Bedford yesterday morning (Saturday) to call for an end to all hostilities in Palestine and Isreal.

The event, organised by Bedford Friends Of Al-Walaja, was arranged to take place on Nakba Day (15 May) when Palestinians remember the expulsion of 3/4million Palestinians from their lands in 1948.

Mohammad Yasin, Labour MP for Bedford and Kempston joined speakers of all ages to call to an end to the conflict.

Mohammad Yasin, speaking at the event

Organiser, Rob Wall, said: “I spoke about the events in Jerusalem, evictions and the storming of the Al Aqsa Mosque complex, and how this led to the violence now occurring all over historic Palestine.

“Many others spoke including many young Muslims, even very small children with simple heartfelt messages.”

Attendees described the atmosphere as impassioned but peaceful.

“Feelings were strong and slogans were chanted,” said Rob. “But there was a good understanding so that it was a positive message of simple humanity.”

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