Bedfordians advised “only travel if you have to” as Storm Eunice edges closer

The Met Office is predicting wind gusts of up to 63mph for Bedford Borough during Storm Eunice. Image: Met Office

Bedfordians are being advised to “only travel if they have to” as Storm Eunice edges closer to Bedford Borough.

In preparation, East Midlands Rail (EMR), Thameslink and London Northwestern Railway have issued warnings advising people not to travel on Friday, 18 February.

In advice to passengers, they’ve said, “please do not travel. We cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to complete your journey.”

Some services have also been cancelled in advance and others are already affected by fallen debris on the Bedford to London line.

For the latest rail updates, head to the following websites:

National Highways East have issued warnings in conjuctiuon with the Met Office, saying  Storm Eunicr will “lead to dangerous driving conditions”

For the latest updates from National Highways, head to their website at

The Met Office is forecasting average wind speeds in Bedford Borough to reach 36mph, with gusts of up to 63mph, and has issued an Amber warning for the area.

Amber warning

Amber warnings are the second-highest alert from the Met Office. When an amber warning is given, people in the area should expect:

  • A good chance that flying debris could result in a danger to life
  • Damage to buildings and homes is likely, with roofs blown off and power lines brought down
  • Roads, bridges and railway lines are likely to close, with delays and cancellations to bus, train, ferry services and flights
  • A good chance that power cuts, possibly prolonged, could occur, perhaps affecting other services, such as mobile phone coverage
  • It is likely there will be falling branches and some uprooted trees

This morning the Met Office issued a rare red weather warning for the southwest, south and southeast areas of the UK, with nearby areas around Luton, Ampthill and Flitwick also affected.

The Met Office’s red weather warning affects parts of Bedfordshire

Fallen trees and power lines

If you come across a blocked road call the Council’s Highways Helpdesk on 01234 718003.

UK Power Networks ( and Western Power Distribution ( provide power across Bedford Borough.

If you see any damaged power lines you can contact them both by calling 105 for free from a landline or a mobile phone).

Do not approach damaged electricity cables as they may still be live.

If you see electricity lines that are down or causing significant risk to the public please call 999.

To keep up to date with further weather updates and advice, visit

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