Bedford Women’s Centre takes part in domestic abuse conference

Bedford women's centre

Bedford Women’s Centre has taken part in a multi-agency business conference on domestic abuse at Bedfordshire Police’s Kempston HQ.

This is the first time the Emerald Team, the police force’s dedicated domestic abuse team, has hosted a conference of this kind.

The conference was an opportunity for local businesses, charities and services from across Bedfordshire to meet and discuss the signs that someone in their organisation may be a victim, or perpetrator, of domestic abuse and where to signpost them for help.

Attendees were first given advice on how to identify those who may be involved in domestic abuse and the impact this could have on their working environment.

After this various support services hosted a network session to show how they may be able to help someone suffering domestic abuse.

Emerald ConferenceIt’s hoped there will now be further events where businesses can learn how to spot perpetrators and/or victims of domestic abuse amongst their employees and colleagues.

Charlotte Day, Chief Officer of the Bedford Women’s Centre, said: “We have come along today hoping to raise awareness of the support available for women in the county, and engage with other professionals who may not realise how easy it is to refer others.

“Creating wider awareness of domestic abuse can educate people about how commonplace it can be and break down the stigma to encourage more to step forward.”

Detective Chief Inspector Jackie Dadd, who leads the force’s Emerald team which is dedicated to investigating domestic crime and sexual offences, added: ‘’It has been excellent that we have been able to bring the public and private sector together as employers across Bedfordshire, to raise the awareness of how to recognise and assist employees involved in domestic abuse.’’

If you have concerns about a person’s behaviour towards another, or you fear for someone’s safety call the police in confidence on 101, and remember, always call 999 in an emergency.

Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

For advice about domestic abuse, visit Bedfordshire Police’s website for information and details of partner agencies who may be able to help.

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