Bedford was not the hottest place in the UK today


Despite other local media speculating it might be, we were happy to wait for the facts and Bedford did not turn out to be the hottest place in the UK today (25 Jul).

But, it wasn’t far away though. Nearby Cambridge reached 38.7C (100.6F) according to the Met Office. That’s the hottest day on record ever.

The hottest UK temperature ever recorded is 38.5C, reached in 2003.

Previously the hottest day in July was 36.7C (98F).

The Met Office also confirmed today’s Cambridge record is only the second time the UK has gone over 100F.

While some enjoyed the hot weather, many have used the day to share their concerns over global heating.

Environmentalists also raised concerns over the celebration of reaching these record temperatures.

In a tweet, Friends of the Earth said: “This isn’t a cause for celebration; days like this will become the new normal unless governments unite to take real climate action.”

Meanwhile UK Youth Action for Climate Change adder: “Could be the highest temperature recorded in the UK today. 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

“Don’t forget water, suncream, shades and THAT THIS IS NOT NORMAL!!!!”

Meanwhile transport has been thrown into chaos.

Locally the majority of Thameslink and Midland Mainline trains were cancelled over safety concerns that the tracks may buckle.

An overhead power line near Luton also came down adding further cancellation and delays to the already heavily reduced service.