Bedford trio dance their way into TeenStar finals at London’s O2 Arena

Black Lotus
Sienne, Nicole and Amalie

On Saturday 1 February, a trio of dancers from Bedford will take part in the finals of a national talent show, taking place at the O2 Arena in London.

Representing the Black Lotus Dance Company, Amalie Wickenden aged 9, Sienna Buck aged 10 and 11-year-old Nicole Buck (known to the group as ‘Smiley’) have triumphed in the first three rounds of the TeenStar talent competition.

It is the UK’s biggest search for teenage and pre-teen singing and dance acts and the judges include TV scouts, record label A&R representatives, management companies and more.

Over 8,000 acts have competed to reach the finals and on Saturday 1 February the girls will be pitted against 25 other hopefuls on stage at London’s O2 Arena.

The dance company was set up by 23-year-old Rebecca Willbye, who said, “The aim of Black Lotus Dance Company is to create an environment that everyone can learn in, express themselves whilst having fun but most importantly to give the young people something to aspire towards, work towards and be proud of, taking them off the streets and away from harm and the wrong paths.”

“Amelie, Sienna and Nicole have worked so hard and passed the first three rounds. I have choreographed all their performances and work with them multiple times a week to create dynamic pieces.”

Mum of Nicole and Sienna, Steph Buck, said, “Seeing how much my children love going to dance is every parents’ dream!
“Becky has made such a fun environment for the students that makes me and the other parents want to join in!”
Sienna said, “Dancing with Black Lotus has given me so many opportunities and made me fall in love with dancing. I can’t wait to dance at the O2.”
Her sister, Nicole, said, “Before Black Lotus I didn’t have any confidence but Becky has made me believe in myself and pushed me to achieve things I never thought I would.”
“The way Becky has been able to support all the students in their own journeys and personalise her approach to each one is the reason Black Lotus is the the place for Amalie to learn and grow,” said Maria Wickenden.
“I have made so many friends at Black Lotus and memories,” said Amalie. “We’re like a big family.”
Good luck at the O2, girls. We’ll be rooting for you to bring that trophy to Bedford…

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