Bedford Town lose captain as three figureheads of the Eagles are released

Ben Ford Bedford Town FC v Berkhampsted
Ben Ford

Bedford Town Football Club have confirmed they will not be offering new deals to three of last season’s squad.

Captain Callum Donnelly, Connor Calcutt and Benjamin Ford will not return when football restarts at the Eyrie, and with Connelly and Ford turning out for the Eagles 164 times between them, they lose two experienced heads heading into the 2020/21 season.

Speaking to the club’s official website, Donnelly stated, “My time at Bedford has come to end after three seasons. After talking with new management and disagreeing on few things it felt right at this point to leave.

“At 31 I still have a lot to give. I would like to hope I’ll be back at some point as player or on management staff. It’s been a rollercoaster of a ride on and off the pitch. Thanks to Jon Taylor and Gilly for bringing me to the club.”

Callum continued “You can see the club going in the right direction and Jon has been at the forefront with that.

“[The] club deserves to be higher and sure one day you will get back to where you belong. The fans have been great. Win or lose they are always there singing. I even got my own song. It was a pleasure to captain the club and I have had some great times as a player here. I send my best to Jon, the owners, the fans and Bedford Town FC.”

The decision not to offer terms to all three has been described as “not an easy one” for Mark Ducket, who illustrated this when speaking last week.

The Eagles’ head stated, “Callum has been a massive figure in the dressing room throughout my time, and the previous regime.

“However, it is time for us to bring in fresh faces to our squad that we believe can take the club to the next level. We wish all three players the very best of luck in the future”.

The Southern League are still yet to release the registration form for the new season. Therefore the club, along with all others at our level, are unable to register any new signings at the moment, but preparations are well under way at the Eyrie to build on the momentum of last season.

Words by Michael Jarman-Webb

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